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  • How do I suggest something new for this list?

    • Michael Bauer

      How about using the comment section? We switched from a user-generated list to a curated one, since we believe there is value in suggesting a a few tools that are a great foundation to build on.

      • Sounds good and definitely agree re curated. You may want to put some info somewhere on the page (or sidebar) to say how you can suggest new items.

  • How about adding RAW in the Presenting section, especially that it can produce non-conventional charts and the output charts can be easily exported into SVG to be dealt with in InkScape, etc.

  • stevebennett

    Can I suggest CartoDB (open source map visualisation platform, works great with TileMIll) and Tableau (closed source, but free if open data, desktop tool for data visualisations, used by many newspapers)

  • datablogPL

    This list should contains – the tool for everybody who want to e.g. extract a table from some website. It’s easy to use even for non-programming persons.

  • Linda G

    Here’s another recommendation: Mode, a new collaboration & sharing tool for data:

  • Alex Salkever

    I’d also like to recommend Silk is a data-first publishing platform that lets anyone convert CSVs into fully interactive visualizations (tables, charts, graphs,galleries, groups) and sites in minutes. Each row of CSV info is rendered as a Web page and data (numbers) is a first-class citizen on the page. Geocoding is automated on the import and each view (which generates a unique URL describing the filter setting) can also be embedded in other sites as an iFrame. Check out (for Human Rights Watch), or Thanks!

  • Donald Payne

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